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The Spice that was not projected to stay

Here’s the story of spice in Boss man Shane’s eyes. Second round interview with spice was

a ball, about half an hour to 45 minutes of nonstop talking about all things in life you could

possibly think starring her dog. From then I hoped she’d still come to orientation since her

communication wasn’t the best and she was late. Spice then walks in late to orientation and falls right to sleep such a leader. She then for a month straight was not 100% in the business, came in late or just on time I believe I woke her up one morning to ask her if she was coming in, but magically after her first convention she turned into a whole different person. She has been all in since that day and more dedicated than ever. This version of Spice will make it through the program if she stays focused and determined to reach her goal of management. I believe in you little Chili pepper!🌶

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