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The Moment The Pitch is Thrown and Having No Bat: 3 Simple Rules for Intellectual Discourse


I find looking for the silver lining in things as a redeemable quality, especially in today’s world where pessimism is constantly a facade for intelligence. A silver lining in the ongoing pandemic is the number of people that have received their doctoral degrees in these trying times. It’s truly difficult to express how proud I am of this community, a simple gaze around is a spectacle in itself. If you read any online platform, engage in any work environment, or go out in public then you simply can’t miss our new members of the STEM field. Words do not suffice my gratitude so I would like to crown all those on the front lines. To my friends below, you stand alone, you bow to no one.

Shanes Medals of Bravery:


Slander on the Golden Arch by a Public Health Expert with a Concrete Grasp on Economics


You tell them metalgamer83, We Need More Money for Less Work. USSR was clearly an illusion and Henry Hill is an American hero


Captain Hindsight, Thank you for your service! Best Wishes in Retirement.

These are just a few accounts of valor that should serve as a motivator for all who read. Our 3 heroes are a beautiful representation of those who have gone beyond their call of duty. Take notes, it's for the sake of humanity.


But all jokes aside, it would take about 5 seconds to think of someone you know that often implores their thoughts on everyone they meet and do so in a supercilious non educated matter. But what would happen if someone combatted anything they said? What if their memory of their 5-second google search escapes them? Well, either a deep dive into complete melancholy ensues, or the self-proclaimed doctors in the comment section jump to a capriciously arbitrary personal attack that represents the white flag.

Lucky for you, after reading this blog post you will be able to educate yourself properly, remain reticent during conversations that are not worthwhile, and put your thoughts out there for the world to see. The field of dreams game last week has motivated me to use baseball euphemisms to explain my ideas on how to not fall into the classic trap of braindead conversations. Here are 3 simple rules for intellectual discourse. Play Ball!

Rule 1

Bring your Bat:

Your Education is your bat. If you step into the box the pitcher will throw the ball regardless if you are equipped with specific knowledge or not. You have to know what you are talking about, there is no other way around it. You can lie to yourself all you want, but only you know deep down whether you are out of your depth. You can do 5 minutes of research, watch a ted talk, or read something on your phone to impress your friends. All shortcuts lead to strikeouts, there will be a pitcher that you cant hit. To put things in perspective on how to breed critical thinking into a specific knowledge, I only have one question.

Have you ever thought about why baseball players spit seeds?

-"It's just what baseball players do" is not a good enough answer. -

Hone your mind to decipher all conceivable concepts imaginable within a monetary structure. Fracture false peremptory substructures and transcend axioms. Bring your bat.

Rule 2:

Step up to the plate:

It can be truly terrifying to join in an intellectual conversation. I myself had a very difficult time putting myself out there during my undergraduate degree. It's not uncommon to feel safe in the echo chamber of a friend group. But if you plan on seeing just how good you are, then get out of the batting cages. You have to step up to the plate no matter what somebody is throwing. It's not safe to get in the batter's box and it never will be. Start swinging and get better each at-bat. Looking out into the field and seeing 8 players wishing to see you fail can be daunting. But It's not so scary if you bring your bat from rule 1. Articulate yourself the right way, and that big scary team of players will turn into a singular nervous pitcher after 1 proper swing. Teams search for consensus, players search for truths. Step up to the plate.

Rule 3:

Have a good eye, Not every pitch is worth swinging at

You need to walk up to the plate with a bat, but that doesn't mean you have to swing. Know the signs of when a pitcher doesn't have it and stay away from junk. Watch the mannerisms of the pitcher. Is he interested in what you are doing up at the plate or does he just want to watch himself throw? It's hard to see something if you are not looking at it. Keep your eye on the ball.

Bottom of the 9th inning thoughts

Arm yourself, put yourself out there, and find out when you are wasting your time. Find the best pitchers and swing for the fences. The last name on the back is more important than the team name on the front. Don’t be an ideological puppet.


Thanks for playing.

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