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The Bottom

Not much to do when you're here but look up,

As much as you want others to help, they leave and all you’re left with is a sick feeling in your gut

When at the bottom no one is your friend, people just look at you in disgust

With nothing to say you take the pain, hoping one day it’ll all be just

The more you fade into the valley the less you start to believe

You try to keep your cool but all your ambition slowly starts to leave

Dreams and goals begin to die, as your soul also starts to dry

Anxiety, depression, and despair begin to arise

Making it even harder to get up and make a strive

The sun begins to fade as night becomes the new day

You start to wonder….when will I ever see the light of day

Resilience is key, and hope is what you need but that’s the problem

How do you keep faith when you’re at the bottom

“Rock bottom will teach you the lessons the mountain top never will”

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