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Thoughts Of Shane, Explained By Amir

June 4th 7:18am; I Have An Interview In A Hour Or So With Some Guy Named Da-more-rA-uh(Domor’rea). I Have 2 Leaders In Evan And Vicki, With The Former Having His Hire(Ale) Pushing For Leadership Which’ll Be That Second Gen I Need. Oh Yeh Let Me Text This Guy A Confirmation Text.

June 4th 9:41am; Had An Hour Long Interview With Amir, PLENTY Of Questions. I Believe He’s A Strong Candidate, Might Just Be My Third Leader I Don’t Know Yet.

June 16th; Amir Had His First Day In The Field Today, Gust Tells Me “He’s A DAWG!”. Can’t Wait To Fly Back And Meet The Guy. Awesome He’s A Grown Ass Man As Well, I Wouldn’t Have To Baby Him.

It’s Been About A Week And Some Change & I Gotta Admit I Like This Amir Guy; Smart, Mature, He Completed His Systems In 3 Days, Asks Questions But Still Has Understanding. He Takes This As Serious As You Would Want A Candidate To Do, Maybe Even More Serious. I Think He Has A Chance To Be Really Special.

Okay. So It’s Been A Little Over 2 Weeks Now And Amir Still Hasn’t Figured It Out. The Bungalow Boys And I Are Having Our Nightly Assessment About Everyone In The Office, Gotta Admit I Thought He’ll Have It Figured Out By Now. Sahil’s Not Sure Anymore And I’m Kinda Wavering As Well.

Hail Mary; I’m Sending Amir With All The Top Dogs Today; Linda, Vicki, & Sergio. If He Doesn’t Figure It Out After Watching These Guys Then I May Have To Up And Out Him. He Has So Much Upside Though So I’m Not So Sure I’m Up For It. I Can Tell This Guy’ll Be A Great Coach For His Team When Gets The Chance, He Has Plenty Leader Qualities Already As Well. Come On Amir 🤞🏾

F**king A!!!; He Got Himself A Qually! It’s One But Still! I’m Happy For Him, Hopefully It’s A Precursor For What’s To Come This Week.

It All Starts; Amir Got His Last Qually Day Today, I’m Promoting Him ASAP. Let’s Get The Ball Rolling, Its Now His Time To Flourish.

General Assessment; Amir’s A Good Guy. Carries Himself Well, He Cares And Treat Others Well, He Has A Moral Compass That May Be Second To None. He Listens, He Looks For Critique Doesn’t Evade It, He’s An “Owner”. Just Not Yet!! Sometimes He’s Too Logical Like Myself, If Something Doesn’t Makes Sense It’ll Defeat Him. He Still Tends To Be Too Isolated, And He And I Share The Same Issue With Networking. We All Have Told Him To Reach Out To Rob In Austin Hell, Rob Told Amir To Call Him, Even Gave This Guy His Number And Still Hasn’t Done It. I Gotta Admit He’s On A Slower Pace Than I Anticipated But With Winter Recruiting Coming I’ll Make Sure To Help Him Accelerate His Growth To Management. Sahil And I Have Implemented New Leader Packets As Well, Hopefully It Can Spark New Motivation For Him. I Have No Doubts He’ll Figure It Out At Some Point, It’s Definitely A Matter Of When Not If. He’s Expressed The Dedication He Has For This So It Makes It Easier For Me To Continue To Extend A Hand. You’ll Get Here Amir!!!

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