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Self Evaluation

I am full of excuses. I have bad work habits. I don’t take anything seriously. I’m slipping away. I’m unfocused. I suffer in silence because I care too much about peoples opinion. I lost myself. I’m anxious. I’m easily distracted. I am full of excuses.

When I go to the field and don’t make no money I hurt myself.

When I skip the field and don’t make money I hurt myself.

When I get to the field late and leave early, I hurt myself.

It’s time to put me first. Who cares about what anyone wants from me because what I want for myself is the only thing that matters.

Everybody loves me so much that they hate me. And everybody hates me so much that they love me.

People are unpredictable and unstable, but as long as you got you. You always are going to win.

I disgrace GOD when I wake up everyday and don’t give 110%. I am the example of what it means to be the best.

I am the best saleswoman, I am the best leader, I am the best Assistant manager, I am the best CEO, I am the best Regional consultant, I am the best National Consultant, and everyday from now on I don’t act like anything less than this. Starting Right now

Your going to be so Proud of you when this is all said and done. All the tears will from now on be tears of Joy. Taylor the Winner. PrincesstheBoss and now QueenCEO.

You have been waiting your whole life for this moment and not even you can fuck it up. Go out there and Make YOU proud.

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