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Self Deprecation Is A Good Thing


Hey Amir (Shane’s Voice)!! Never Thought I’d Be Writing A Letter To Who I Want To Be. I Know You Forgot The Mindset You Were In Curating This Project And Probably Where You Were In The Program When Writing It So, Let Me Remind You. You Suck!! Period!! At This Point You’re Lazy/Complacent As Ever(Which Is Insane Cause You’ve Yet To Achieve ANYTHING), You’ve Falling Back Into The “9-5 Mentality”, Where You Do Thee Absolutely Bare Minimum And Nothing Else. You Don’t Set Goals, You Do Not Hold Your Team Accountable, For All You Know “Extra Mile” Is Driving While Your Tank Is Under E. At This Moment You Have Fhil And Jordan(Hoping For Charity) On Your Team. They Are Following A “Leader” Who Is Following Them. They Just Don’t Know It. You’re Constantly Waiting For Them To Tell You What They Want And Need, You Take NO Control Of You Guys Growth What So Ever So I’m Sure They Feel Like It’s A 9-5 As Well. BUT!! If You’re Reading This You’ve Figured It Out King. I Wish I Can Ask You For The Answers Right Now, Which Is Trippy Right, Cause If You’ve Figured It Out Then I’ve Figured It Out Right?? You Are Me, I Am You So Why Haven’t I Figured It Out?? Well, Time’ll Tell. Shane Tells Me This Program Will Weave Out Who Doesn’t Belong At Some Point So The Fact That It Hasn’t Weaved You’re Sorry Ass Out Means You And I Belong. Congratulations King, How That Range Rover Ride?? Moms Has Her Day Care?? Omri’s Taking Classes Huh?? Cool Cool, Anyways Just Checking In With You Brother. Love You/Me!!

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