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The Power of a Song: Two Minutes that Changed the World

The influence that music can have on the world is monumental. Without listeners even realizing, music can have the ability to change the way people think, feel, and act in a way that not many other outlets can. Music, both good and bad, has the ability to reach almost every person in every corner of every continent. Music gives those who create it the power to tell a story, share their feelings, and say what they need to in a way that is much more palatable and easier to digest than just plain speech. Music warrants creativity in a way that is unique to itself.

Simply put, one song can spark change in the world that lasts an eternity.

Arguments have been made over which song is the most influential of all time. These arguments have lasted decades, and will continue on for the rest of time even after I post this blog. In fact, I’m not even going to claim which song IS the most influential. That would be utterly pointless. What I am going to claim what song I THINK has provided the most influence, and sparked the most change in music history.

This song charted number 1 in nearly ten countries, and was top 10 or top 5 in dozens more. Perhaps most impressively, the song peaked at #1 in the supposed “hardest country to crack”, The United States of America. In a time when it was difficult for foreign acts to reach notable levels of fame in America, this song sparked cultural change across the globe and knocked down invisible barriers that had stood for decades. This song maintained its spot at the top of the U.S. charts for more than a month. It wasn’t until it was dethroned by another song by the same group, that it gave up its top spot. That being said, this tune still finished the year as the #1 song in the states. Worldwide, it has sold over 12 million copies and counting.

Some impressive numbers, if I say so myself.

That’s just the numbers. The numbers speak for themselves, but there is a world of information that the numbers don’t show. What isn't shown in the numbers or the charts is the cultural explosion this song sparked. This song paved the way for its artists to play sold out shows across the world, and opened the doors for other bands from the same country to follow. Since this song’s releases, music has never sounded the same, it has never felt the same, and it certainly was never going back. Over 70 million people in America, and loads more across the globe watched this song performed live on late night television just months after its release. Hundreds, if not thousands of world renowned musicians site this very performance as a key influence that gave them the desire to take up music themselves. Pretty good resume so far huh? The same people that were inspired by this song are the same people who went on to sell millions of albums themselves. Without this song, the entire landscape of music would be in a completely different universe.

Now if I were to ask you when this song came out, what would you say? 70’s, 80’s, 90’s? Maybe the early 2000’s? Well, not too bad. You’d probably also assume that this song was some sort of experimental journey through uncharted territory, right? Some sort of a revolutionary musical breakthrough? Well, also not a bad guess. The impact this song had was a music breakthrough, yes. But the song itself is pretty….. tame. Just a few chords, a couple verses, and a catchy chorus. If you ask me, the song is kinda lame. Really lame actually. If I were to make a list ranking this group's songs, this one wouldn't even sniff the top ten. All of that said, this song captivated to world in ways that we haven't seen since, and likely will never see again. Thus allowing the band to to take over the world not long after. Regardless if you think this is the greatest song ever written, or just a corny love song, you'd be foolish not to respect the world changing impact that it's had. The after effects of this 2 minute and 24 second song are still felt to this day.

Thanks for reading guys, I really appreciate it. :)

Oh, wait.

The song? You want the song?

How could I be so foolish to forget.

Copy this link and paste it your browser for the full affect.

But before you listen, just remember.... Both this song, and those singing it inspired so many of the musicians and genres of music that you love today. So show it the respect it deserves.


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