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Prompt#1: Write a letter to the ownership version of yourself ✅

Manasseh Bennett

So now we know, it’s possible. Mr. Bennett has done it again. “Hard work beats Talent

when talent fails to work hard.” Why did it come so fast? Do you remember the position we

were just in last year? Or the year before? All the things that we’ve been through. We

literally did this all on our own. Our own terms. We found the job OURSELF. We believed

in OURSELF. After all that I’ve lost.....we’ve.....lost. So called “friends, family that took

an oath that they’ll always be in your corner no matter what, our past relationship that was

unexpected. Everything happens for a reason. You didn’t let those things stop you. You put

that to the side and got even more focused and dialed in on your growth. We would most

definitely, without a doubt, not be here today if everything before had not happened. 2022

was a wake up call for you, and look at you, you’re woke. Don’t stop here. You went from

crawling to now walking. Set new goals that seem impossible to hit and you hit them ! We

got this. Remember that only you can stop you from achieving your outlandish dreams.

Keep growing and never change from the amazing person you are. Put that belief into

others and show them their potential and how far they can go. Place that belief into their

hearts that they are fully capable of becoming something more in their lives no matter what

they’re going through. Show them the way and Lead from the front. Congratulations. I

love you.

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