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Letter To The Owner

The vision has been achieved, but the progress in the distance is just a tomorrow away.

You have gained so much on this road to ownership, congratulations to the owner you’ve

earned to be. You’ve learned the art of wisdom, the accountability of discipline, the virtue of

patience and the prolificity of leading by example. You have not only strived to become your

better self for yourself, yet also those beside you along with those who have come behind you.

You’ve been equally selfless for quantity and selfish to produce nothing less than quality. The

road’s not perfect as we would love it to be, but those that survive will not get to their destination

without obstacles to overcome. You’ve come to the understanding that with rain follows a

rainbow just as with failure comes greatness as long as you grow from it. Ownership was yours

from the day you slept in orientation, now that your work towards it is complete do nothing less

than own it and concur it. Now that you’re in ownership it’s time to shoot for regional consultant.

We never planned to stop at ownership, but always rise above any level we’re at. Can’t wait to

see the best version of myself coming soon.

👑To The Empire👑

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