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Dear Future me,

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Though you do not yet exist I fathom to get to know you. There are days where you feel lost and damaged to the point where a future seems unimaginative. If someone came to me and told me I was an owner, I doubt I could ever really believe them. It could be that you doubt your capability or that sometimes your detachment makes you feel like you don’t deserve it? Day and night you still contemplate life but it’s like you go and try to do it anyways. You feel like you're two different people, kinda like putting on a show, sometimes your heart does feel warmth. Like the days you make others feel good, because often people don’t see how great they can be. Future me, I hope you find genuine happiness and order for yourself because the way we live; it’s why I can’t imagine you. Life is confusing right now for me but I think the trick is to just do it. Don’t forget about the times you overworked yourself, don’t forget about the bad you put up with and dealt with. Don’t forget that the days there was nothing to get up for, you still did. And when you reach your second omen never stay complacent, it has saved us from plenty of selfish energy. It has saved us from what we’re most afraid of. I hope you learn to truly love yourself and envision yourself as the person everyone else seems to see. I hope you stop being so hard on yourself and recognize how far you’ve come regardless of everything you were set up for. Always remember that your versatility, courage, and self resilience is unique. If by then you still feel emptiness, I hope you keep Feeding it with knowledge. Never stop growing and expanding, I believe it is what makes you happiest.

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