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Dear Future Me,

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

I haven’t met you just yet, but I can’t imagine the man you have become. I write this to you while in a very challenging time in our lives. I hope while you read this you remember everything, so you understand to never get back here again. Just a year ago we thought we had everything figured out. Good money, your own businesses, healthy relationships all around, and then everything fell apart. Our life has been a roller coaster to say the least. Leaving High School you were lost and you made the conscious decision to go to a city all alone to find a sense of meaning. In just 5 months you transformed yourself into an individual you always dreamed of becoming, at just the age of 18. The next 4 years of our lives were something out of a movie. Even though everything around you was falling apart, you managed to break free from hell and create your own heaven, but that as well came to an end. Complacency grew within us after every win, we got so use to winning that we forgot how it feels to lose. Winning became so effortless that we felt like we could just go on cruise control and that’s when everything took a turn. Those millionaire success habits that you built you threw out the window, thinking you are unstoppable you did whatever you pleased, and it finally caught up to you. I see now it was what we needed to happen. Growing up in the environment we came from we saw nothing but success. Even when you saw your family lose it all, you somehow became better than you were before, so you never felt that pain until it finally happened to you. Failure is something we needed to experience not only appreciate everything we have but to truly become the best version of ourselves. We saw our own family let greed and envy ruin everything that we worked so hard to build. Maybe this time period in our lives is meant to have us never forget, that even when you do make it, you have to maintain. Maintain those habits, maintain the relationships, and most importantly maintain what made you into the man you were so proud of. I’m not there yet, but everyday I feel the tide changing. At this point in life you are very misunderstood. This feeling eats at you everyday. People act is if they know the real you, but all you’ve shown is your ugly. I can’t wait for the day those same individuals who don’t get you finally get to see you for the man your truly are. If not then so be it, we have let other’s opinions of us cloud us for too long. Your potential to be great is hidden deep within. With all the potential in the world it’s our emotions that always get the best of us, and I know while you’re reading this you’re getting a good laugh. I have no doubt eventually we will overcome this, but till then All I think about is the days when we finally pick ourselves back up from the dirt and start flying once again. If you’re reading this then that means we got the job done. I can’t begin to imagine the life you’re living now. The people you’re surrounded by and the opportunities that you have created for the ones you love. Just remember the job is never finished. Remember everything we felt during this time period, all the ups and most importantly all the downs. Don’t ever forget, keep moving until they day you are forced to stop. It is up to us to restore our family name and give the ones we love everything that was promised. It’s the path we choose, don’t ever forget.

“ I can be changed by what happened to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it”

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny”



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