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A Work In Progress

From the moment Kathy walked into orientation she reeked potential. I knew when she walked in she came with a purpose. Our encounters and conversations were always very different and I loved every single one of them. In her first week I knew two things right away. One she is a potential owner & two she is very easily influenced which is both good and bad. This meant I had to belt loop this girl and not let anyone else teach her about the business but me, I needed to teach her good habits. Everyday is always a different day with Kathy. She has a go getter mentality and a kind soul, she loves to learn and make people laugh. Although I got promoted and Kathy came at the end of my time I do have the opportunity of being part of her journey here in the company. So far she’s doing good, like anything in life it has it’s ups and downs but she still manages to surprise me often to remind me she’s still growing. She’s overall grown very much and I am excited and fortunate to be able to watch her grow into an owner so far every obstacle given to her she has overcame and I hope she continues .

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