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A New Perspective

Dana Iverson, Marcus, and Sahil Multani’s thoughts on Gustavo

Hello I am Dana Iverson, and today I will be writing just a few words of what I think about Gustavo. For those of you who don’t know who I am, I am the owner of the Houston office, running one of, if not the best sales office in the nation under Ready Refresh. Gustavo is an interesting individual to say the least. The moment I saw him I knew he had owner written all over him. I would tell him and his leader that almost everyday, it’s one of the reasons I held him to a different standard than most. Even with all the potential in the world he seems to just throw it away. When he cares he has a fire inside of him that no one can stop, but when he’s playing around he’s just like everyone else. I remember his 3rd day in the business. This man came in with a NASA hoodie, black joggers, and a pair of white air forces. I quickly thought to myself “the audacity….this man is going to walk into MY business like THAT and just act like it’s no big deal”. I continued to cuss him out along side with his leader, not because I didn’t like him, but because how can such a bright individual carry himself as if he’s just another schmuck. It was after that day he made a quick turnaround. Business profesional not only to the office, but to the field as well. Instantly my entire office was wearing suits everyday. He also took a bigger roll in the office, for someone who was just 2 weeks in, you could see everyone start to fall in line and follow the example he was setting. The last thing I would have to say about this man is even though he has natural leadership abilities, it’s his emotions that control him, and until he gets a handle of that he will continue to move up and down.

Hello everyone my name is Marcus, some of you may know me as Marcus Manchild or Rehzal. I was not only Gustavo’s mentor in this business but life in general. I remember the day I interviewed him. I told him I felt like I was interviewing Hercules. I didn’t care what was coming out if his mouth, I already knew what this business had in store for him. He came in with a goal, and that was to continuously improve himself as a human bein. I felt like a fool because the moment he got the job he would come in wearing whatever he pleased. I had to get on to him plenty of times until he finally realized the opportunity at hand. He’s a interesting individual indeed. Every day after the field when he would drop me off we would stay in the car for hours and just talk. Whether it was business moved, ideas for Dana’s office, women, how to improve as a man, this is when I got to see the real him. When he cares about something there’s nothing stopping him. The competitive nature in him allows him to reach extraordinary heights, but when he’s playing around you see all his flaws. He was in my car ride every single day for 5 months, I got to see everything about Gustavo. There were countless times I had to get on to him about the decisions he was making. It was like a stubborn little brother and I wanted to make sure he lived up to what everyone could see. Yes Gustavo is loud, lazy at times, playful, and stubborn…very stubborn. But like I told him everyday, he’s Superstar just waiting to explode. For as dumb as he acts, he is intelligent and precise with his movements. One of the realist individuals I have came across, he says it how it is and is never shy about letting you know how he feels. This can get him into a bit of trouble at times. The last thing I would have to say about Gustavo is this, yes he has a long way to go, but Like I told him myself. His confidence is something so powerful, for an individual to believe in himself the way he does it’s almost a super power. If he wants to get where he wants to go, the biggest thing stopping him is making that confidence consistent. When he’s doing good he’s on top of the world, but the moment he faces defeat he crawls up into a ball. This will determine the lengths he will go.

Good evening everyone, I am the final speaker for the day. My name is Sahil Multani, your boss and CEO. Today I will be talking about one of your fellow coworkers, and his name is Gustavo. There’s a lot I can say about this man, but I will begin were it all started. As yall know I came out of the Austin office, and while I was getting ready for the big move to LA to open up I was short handed to say the least. 2 weeks before move in day one my leaders Camilia came up and told me that a certain individual from another office was interested in coming to LA. This individual was Gustavo, I then remembered we met at the Dallas conference briefly, didn’t really know that 2 months later I would be taking him with me. I didn’t know what to expect, from everything I was hearing it seemed like he had a lot of potential, but he was trouble waiting to happen. I had almost all my mentors tell me to not bring him along, yet for some odd reason I chose to stick to my gut and bring him anyways. Maybe because I truly liked the guy, or maybe because I was desperate for more people to open up with. Whatever it was he came over with a burning passion to help my business get up and going. For the first month and a half he was a work horse. He seemed to prove everyone wrong, I thought to myself “this man right here is an owner” . We became brothers very quickly, but a lot of things have changed since then. So much potential but his idiotic decision making at times lead him to veer of his course to ownership. I felt betrayed, as if someone who I gave so much too just threw it away for nothing. I still love him, but disappointed is what I feel at this moment. I have no doubt he’ll figure this out, but how long it’ll take him, well that’s up to him. One day we’ll sit back an laugh about all of this, but until then there’s work that needs to be done.

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