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As I begin to drown, I refuse to take anyone down with me

No longer will I let others in, only me myself

and I for this is how it should be

This is my hell to deal with.

This is not a poem of defeat nor is it of victory

Just where I stand, for all I feel is pain and misery

As I stand alone I finally see a glimpse of hope

I begin to formulate my thoughts as I try to escape and find the rope

Distractions are what keep me at bay,

but from here on out, they will be erased and slowly I will finally see the light of day

For those who didn’t believe in me, never do I want to see their face

For I shall leave the bottom and return to my rightful place

The Kingdom of prosperity awaits, for I’ve always known this will be my fate

“You meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it”

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